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Home      Algebra      Board       Contact       Dance Drama       Donations       Fieldtrips      Geometry      Trigonometry, Inc is a Christian non-profit organization and was founded in August 2001. We received our official 501 (c) (3) status from the United States IRS in May 2006. We also received the GuideStar 2020 Platinum Seal of Transparency.

The purpose of this Website is to assist low-income and economically disadvantaged after-school K-12 children as well as college students with free online math help in their homework, tests, & exams. We have provided simple math strategies to solve popular questions in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. We have also provided math games, math videos, science and technology fieldtrips, as well as dance-drama programs. We also encourage students to read the Bible at Daily Bible Reading Calendar., Inc has created various questions that children can work on or refer to in order to do their math homework or answer math problems on their math worksheets. Low-income and economically disadvantaged after-school K-12 children also need to be exposed to free science fieldtrips and dance-drama in order to add value to the quality education they are getting. Seeing is believing!!! Seeing real science and technology in action as well as playing a role in dance and in drama can also be a rewarding experience for the future of these children., Inc's mission is to encourage low-income and economically disadvantaged after-school K-12 children as well as college students to do better in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). We encourage all children we reach to enjoy STEM courses and make STEM a career path. Our children will also be inspired to read the Bible daily to balance their career success with a stable spiritual life aside from providing math help, Algebra tutor, and solve math problems.

Donation:, Inc accepts all amounts of donations. We desperately need funds from good donors like you in order to increase and diversify our staff. Also, we need your donations to make our services more frequent and regular to meet our mission goals and objectives. You can email us at and please make your donations below:

Financial Support: So far,, Inc gets absolutely nothing from the government for this project, so your private donations will be used to motivate our tutors who are delighted to serve students. It will help towards increasing the levels of STEM understanding and STEM appreciation in our communities and build their faith on the Bible. Also, many of the students we serve can go on science and technology fieldtrips as well as participate in dance drama at no cost to them. This will help to provide math help, Algebra tutor, and solve math problems.

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